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our process

So how does it all work?

We believe in complete transparency when it comes to working together.

Knowing what to expect is half the battle when getting to grips with a new recruitment partner and whilst some recruiters like to keep their process under wraps, we think it's right to know what has led to us seeing over 90% of our submitted candidates interviewed.

Take a look at our recruitment process below to understand the journey we'll take together from start to placement.

Understanding your needs

The foundation is key - we work with you to understand the fundamentals of your search as well as stand out features that are really going to make a candidate shine. With the new hire in mind, we look to understand what it'll be like to work with you, what will be expected of the new candidate, what the bigger picture is for the business and how the new hire fits into that plan longer-term so we can effectively shortlist based on job seekers’ motivations, skills and experience.

The search

We don't use job boards to find the right people for your business as we’re passionate about providing unique prospects to you rather than the same names. Instead, we use a combination of headhunting, digital marketing campaigns and network referrals to open up both passive and active candidates that match your requirements...and we go after them with gusto.

The selection

We put the legwork in upfront, screening all potential candidates over the phone and video so you only see the cream of the crop. Once we've got our shortlist, we'll send them across to you with a comprehensive brief and video introduction so you're not left trying to judge someone from just a resume.


We can help as much as you need at interview stage, we've already done our pre-screens so we can hand the reigns to you or, if you are interested in saving time, we often conduct and video interviews for our clients, the choice is yours.


More often than not, these things just work out: the candidate loves you, the feeling's mutual from your side and everyone's happy. Sometimes, it can take a little more to lure a star candidate from their current employer or get them to agree the right pay. This is where we step in, as a third-party we're able to steer the conversations down the right path so both sides are happy.


We'll work with you and your candidate to make sure we're all on track and everyone knows when they're due to start and what sort of induction they need to go through. We'll manage the relationship with the candidate to make sure they don't get cold feet or help if their previous employer plays hard-ball with a counter offer.